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How will

your memories story legacy

be preserved?

We're here to help

Eternaview allows you to easily record a video interview of yourself and then invite friends and family to talk to that recording…forever!

Yes, we said talk!

A viewer can ask a question like they would in a normal conversation. Our platform then, through AI, retrieves the best answer from the recorded interview. It’s the real you, no avatars or deepfakes here!

The best way to understand how Eternaview works is to try it out for yourself. Click below to interact with Grandpa Tim.

Be the bridge between generations.

Eternaviews are for those who love you and for those who will someday wish they knew you. So that they can talk to you – yes, talk to you – not only while you are still here, but also long after you are gone.

Every legacy matters. Share YOURS!

Connect with
loved ones
Sharing your life story through an Eternaview can help you connect with family and friends on a deeper level. It can spark conversations, create a sense of shared history, and strengthen your relationships with loved ones.
Preserve your family's history
Eternaviews serve as a way to preserve and pass down your family's history. This can instill a sense of pride in your family's heritage and provide a shared narrative for future generations.
A personal time capsule
This is about more than just being remembered—it's about imparting the essence of who you are. Your joys, challenges, life lessons, and talents become a priceless heirloom, allowing your presence to be felt long into the future.
Transcend time
Eternaviews have the unique ability to transcend time and space. They can be passed down to future generations, allowing your legacy to endure beyond your lifetime. This sense of leaving a lasting impact can be deeply and emotionally fulfilling.
Every life matters
From a gifter’s perspective, an Eternaview is a way of letting someone know you treasure them. Watching the Eternaview can be a way to remember and honor their life, keeping their spirit alive in your heart.
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Creating your Eternaview is easy!


Record yourself on your webcam or mobile device answering our insightful list of interview questions.


Share your Eternaview with whomever you would like to be able to interact with it.


Invited viewers will visit your Eternaview recording and begin asking it/you questions.

What's better than creating your own Eternaview?

Gifting one.

Give the gift that will literally last beyond a lifetime. When it comes to preserving a legacy, there’s no moment like right now.

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