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About us

Our what?

It starts with a creator making a video recording of themself on their webcam or mobile phone. We provide a carefully curated list of questions for the creator to answer during the recording, designed to optimize the experience for both the creator and their eventual viewers.

A creator can share their Eternaview with anyone they like – and those viewers can watch it free of charge. Viewers can interact with an Eternaview just by speaking or typing a question like they would in a normal conversation. Our platform then, through artificial intelligence, retrieves an appropriate response from the recorded interview.

Our why?

Eternaview was created to give people a way to connect with loved ones, friends, and other people asynchronously. So even when it might not be convenient – or even possible – to have a live interaction, users can still feel like they are having something of a personal encounter.

Our who?

Meet David Epstein, the creator of Eternaview. David believes passionately that every legacy matters and that no voice should ever be forgotten. He uses Eternaview to store the stories of his mom and himself and is sorry that he had not been able to use it for others that have already been lost. He hopes that others will make use of the platform…for both themselves and their loved ones.

The Eternaview Satisfaction Commitment

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