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Your story deserves to be told, by YOU!

Creating an Eternaview is the perfect way to produce a recording of your voice, your face, your mannerisms, your personality, your whole life story.


recording process on virtually any webcam or mobile device.

Take a break anytime you like and pick up where you left off. Also edit your answers at any time.


automated and structured interview process.

Complete it over a weekend and cherish it in the family archives forever. It’s interactive the moment you fiinish.


and secure long term storage in the cloud.

Privacy controls are built in. Eternaview creators can download a (non-interactive) backup for extra peace of mind.


with friends and family, and future generations.

Invites can be sent via email, text and social media. Immersive interaction for viewers – they can talk to it! No charge to viewers.

Module & Question Preview

How are you today?

What is your name?

When were you born?

Where were you born?

What are your great grandparents’ names and can you tell us about them?

What are your grandparents names?

Can you tell us some memories or stories about your grandparents?

What are your parent’s names?

When and where were each of your parents born?

Can you tell us what each of your parents did for work or as homemakers?

Can you tell us some stories about your parents?

What are the most important lessons your parents taught you?

What are your siblings names and can you tell a little about each of them?

What did you like to do with your family when you were growing up?

What is your first memory?

What made you feel really loved by your family?

Did you get an allowance, how much was it, and what did you have to do to earn it?

What were your favorite toy(s) as a child?

Can you talk a little bit about your home or homes when you were growing up and the neighborhood(s) you grew up in?

Can you talk about some of your friends growing up and what you liked to do for fun with them?

Can you tell any funny stories about your friends or about your adventures together?

Did you have a nickname as a kid?

What were some of your favorite memories growing up?

Did you do any traveling when you were a kid and can you talk about it?

What schools did you go to as a kid and can you talk about them?

What was your favorite subject in school?

Did you get good grades in school?

What did you want to be when you grew up?

Any challenges or tough times growing up that you want to talk about?

Any mistakes you made as a kid or teen that you want to talk about?

How has the world changed from when you were a child and how was it different growing up then versus today?

Did you go to your prom and can you talk about it?

Anything else you want to discuss about your childhood or life as a teen?

Where do you currently live?

How would you describe your personality?

Did you go to vocational school, college and/or graduate school and where?

What was your time like in vocational school, college and/or graduate school?

Did you get married?

What is/was your spouse’s name?

Can you talk about your wedding?

Can you talk about your honeymoon?

What do you/did you love about your spouse?

Can you tell us any funny stories about your spouse?

Do you have any children and what are their names?

When and where were your children born and what do you remember about the births?

Can you talk a little about each of your children, including their personalities and interests?

How did you pick your children’s names?

Can you tell any funny stories about each child?

What were your favorite memories with your spouse and/or children?

Tell us about your friends as an adult?

What do you like to do for fun as an adult?

What jobs have you done or are your/were you a homemaker?

How did you choose what job(s) you did or to be a homemaker, and what are some of the most important things you learned or experienced?

Did you like your job(s)/being a homemaker or would you choose something different if you could do it again?

Can you tell us about any pets you had as an adult?

Can you talk about any grandchildren you have?

Can you talk about any happy memories with your grandchildren?

Can you talk about any great grandchildren you have?

Anything else you want to discusss about your work, family or friends?

Can you talk about your aunts and uncles – who they were, your memories of time spent together, etc.?

Can you talk about your cousins – who they were, your memories of time spent together, etc.?

Can you talk about your nieces and nephews – who they were, your memories of time spent together, etc.?

Were you in the military, what branch, and did you enlist or were you drafted?

If you enlisted, why did you pick the branch of the military that you did?

What was your rank and your assignment/role?

When and where did you serve – did you see any combat and were you ever injured?

Do you recall the first few days in the military or basic training and what was it like?

How difficult was it in the military and how did you get through it?

What, if any, positive things did you take away from your service in the military?

Were you awarded any citations or medals? If so, can you describe?

Any recommendations for anyone who might join the military?

What did it feel like when you got out of the military and was it difficult to adjust?

What would you like people who did not serve in the military to understand about those who served?

How was the food in the military?

Anything else you want to discuss about your time in the military or its effect on your life?

Can you do any impersonations for us?

Can you tell us a joke?

Can you bark like a dog?

Who’s your favorite James Bond?

Who’s your favorite Beatle?

Do you like to watch television and movies and what are some of your favorites?

What movie or TV show describes your life?

Who is your favorite actor/actress?

What actor/actress do you most look like?

What’s your favorite saying or catchphrase?

What was the best costume you ever wore on Halloween?

Can you tell us something about yourself that few people know?

When you walk into a bookstore, what’s the first section you go to?

If you could be a gold medalist in the Olympics, what sport would it be in?

What’s on your bucket list?

If your house was on fire, what would you take?

What’s your favorite time of year and why?

What’s your favorite gift you ever received?

What are some of your favorite animals and why?

Do you remember any embarrassing moments in your life… maybe one that was funny in retrospect?

Do you have any favorite pictures you would like to show?

Do you have any other Easter Eggs for us or something very unexpected to share?

What is your favorite color?

What are your interests, hobbies, or talents?

Did you ever like to collect anything?

Did you like to sew or knit or crochet?

What sports do you or did you like to play as a child and/or adult?

What spectator sports and teams are you a fan of?

Do you like to read – what are some of your favorite books or other things to read?

Do you like to watch Broadway or other live theater performances and what are your favorites?

What kind of music do you like to listen to and who is your favorite musical act (group or solo performer)?

What concerts have you been to?

What is your favorite song?

Can you sing – and would you like to sing for us?

Do you know how to play any instruments and can you demonstrate?

Can you dance?

Are you artistic and can you show us anything you’ve done?

What is the most extreme thing you have done in your life?

Can you talk about your interests in video games, social media, and/or things you like to do on the internet?

What were your favorite foods as a kid and what are your favorite foods as an adult?

Did your parents cook a lot?

Do you cook a lot as an adult and what do you like to cook?

Can you talk about one or more special recipes and/or could you show how you cook or bake?

What do you drink or smoke, if anything?

Can you talk about what you wore to your wedding?

Can you talk about what you wore to your prom?

What is your fashion sense/style?

Any fashion advice?

What is your religious affiliation and what are your views on religion?

What are some of your cultural traditions and what was it like growing up in your culture or your religion?

Are there any important teachings or wisdom from your culture or your religion that you would like to share?

Did you have any sort of coming-of-age ceremony, religious or other?

How many generations have you and your family been in your current country and where did you or your ancestors emigrate from?

What languages do you speak?

What are your favorite or most important holidays and how do you celebrate them?

Did you experience any type of prejudice against you or your family based on your culture or religion?

Is there anything else you want to discuss about culture, religion or the holidays?

What are some of the most important things to keep in mind when taking care of a house?

What are the basics of winterizing a house?

What are some of the problems that occur related to plumbing and how do you fix them?

What are some of the problems that occur with washers and dryers and how do you fix them?

What are some of the problems that occur with the heater and air conditioner and how do you fix them?

How do you work the thermostat?

What are some of the most important things to keep in mind when taking care of a lawn?

What type of things do you grow in your garden and what are the basics of taking care of a garden?

What are some of the basics of taking care of a pool?

Is there anything else you want to discuss about home maintenace, lawn care or your garden?

Did you play with cars and trucks, or trains, when you were a kid and which ones?

When did you get your driver’s license?

What was the first vehicle you drove and what other vehicles did you drive over the years?

What was your favorite vehicle you ever had?

Did you ever like to do any racing or watch racing or monster truck rallies?

Do you like to work on cars and trucks?

How do you change a tire?

How do you change the oil?

How do you check the fluid levels?

How do you jumpstart a vehicle?

What important safety advice do you have about driving or maintenance?

Is there anything else you want to discuss about cars or trucks?

What is a time you failed and how did you recover?

Do you have any regrets and what would you do differently if you could live life again?

How did you learn to be resilient?

What are some values you hold?

What three words describe who you tried to be in life and how would you want to be remembered for your life and work?

What are you most proud of?

What are you most thankful for?

What message or advice do you have for your children that you always want them to keep in mind?

What message or advice do you have for your current or future grandchildren and great grandchildren that you always want them to keep in mind?

What message or advice do you have for your siblings that you always want them to keep in mind?

What message or advice do you have for your nieces and nephews that you always want them to keep in mind?

What message or advice do you have for your cousins that you always want them to keep in mind?

What message or advice do you have for your aunts and uncles that you always want them to keep in mind?

What message or advice do you have for your friends that you always want them to keep in mind?

What volunteer work have you done or charities you have supported and why?

Do you have any idols or role models?

Do you have any advice for someone starting a family?

Anything you want to discuss about your politics or views on some major political, social or environmental issues?

Any closing comments or final thoughts about your life or for those who may come talk to you?

What are some of the topics you talked about in this recording?

Give the gift of a lifetime!

Let someone know you want to preserve their life story! Time is fleeting, but memories last forever

With Eternaview, you can preserve their legacy for generations to come.

You've got questions, we've got answers!

How does it work?

Eternaview.com is a technology platform that allows you to record an Eternaview, or interview, of yourself and invite others to view the recording. Unlike a traditional video recording, however, the viewer can interact with the Eternaview multiple ways. 

The first way – and this is the real magic – the viewer can just ask a question like they would in a normal conversation. Alternatively, if the viewer prefers, they can also type in their question. Then, our natural language platform, through AI, retrieves the best answers from the recorded interview. The viewer also has the option to just click among a list of questions that the creator can respond to.

An Eternaview is not an avatar or deepfake. The responses given to a viewer are the actual recordings made by a human. We utilize AI to enable this interactivity, but it is intended to remain a very human experience. If no relevant response has been recorded, such will be indicated to the viewer.

We believe the ability for the viewer to ask a question using natural language creates a much more personalized experience for the viewer than they might achieve through traditional viewing of a video. The ability to see an index of all questions addressed in an Eternaview also gives the viewer the ability to know all questions that were addressed in a recording; this permits them to quickly get the answer they want, whether by asking the question or clicking on it in the index. 

We believe that Eternaview’s curated list of questions also facilitates great interviews and that the user interface provides for easy recording and storage of a video interview and for inviting others to interact with it.

Yes, you can preview them from the Create page. Not all modules and questions will apply to you, and you are welcome to skip whatever you like.

You can skip any individual question or even whole module that isn’t relevant to your life or which you might just not want to answer.

We believe that the interactions viewers have with your Eternaview will improve over time as the AI improves and as we continue training our database. 

Devices and Hardware

Except for some very old hardware or versions of software, the product should work with most major browsers (e.g. Chrome, Safari, etc.) and virtually all:

  • Personal computers (desktop and laptop) running windows or macOS (Apple)
  • Mobile phones running Android or iOS (Apple)
  • iPADs

We continue to test on other devices such as Android tablets, Surfaces, and Chromebooks.

Virtually all smart phones, tablets, and laptop computers would have a built-in camera/webcam. A desktop computer may or may not have a webcam, depending on whether you purchased an external one.

You can use the:

  • Built-in microphone on your webcam or phone; or 
  • Headphones with a built-in microphone; or
  • External microphone.

You can test your microphone with a practice Eternaview. Built-in microphones on webcams may not capture the highest sound quality.

Yes. Because we are using a web-based platform, an Eternaview can be recorded, edited, or watched from any of the devices we mentioned above.

Nope – the Eternaview platform is all web-based. You just need a stable internet connection.

Go to your “Device Manager”. Expand the “camera” section. If it shows both the external webcam and the webcam built-into your computer, select the webcam built-into your computer and click on the “Action” tab at top. Then click “disable”. Now please try to see if Eternaview works with your external webcam. After you are done, you may want to again “enable” your built-in webcam in the Device Manager, if you would like it to be recognized by other applications.

Recording and Editing

You can complete a quick Practice Eternaview and then Interact with it for a few minutes. That will give you a sense of the quality of the video and sound, and whether you need to adjust the position of your camera, lights or microphone. It’s a good idea to interact with it on a computer monitor so you get a sense of the video quality on a large screen (as opposed to a smaller phone screen).

We store your Eternaview on AWS (Amazon Web Services). We also provide you the ability to download your Eternaview on your local drive [the AI-enabled interactivity will not work in that locally-stored version, but at least you will have an individual video copy of each of your answers for safe-keeping and which you should be able to play like any traditional video].

We think you will find the process pretty simple and intuitive. Our system should automatically detect if everything is working properly with your camera, webcam and microphone and let you know if you have to “allow” access for our application. You will also be able to give the process a Practice run before committing to a purchase. Just go to the “Home” or “Create” page from the main menu, and click the “Practice” button.

If you do have problems, though, with your equipment after subscribing, please just let us know and in most cases we should be able to refund your purchase.

If needed, a tech savvy family member or friend can also help by running the controls. If using a mobile phone or most tablets, that tech savvy helper could also read the question and film you for each answer using the rear-facing camera.

In most cases, either should work. Similarly, if you have a helper recording you from a webcam on a PC, if it’s an external webcam the helper can turn the webcam towards you while they focus on the PC’s screen.

Either can work. You can do a practice Eternaview first to see which way is easier for you to record in and which seems to better frame you in your setting. Portrait may be a little easier in terms of keeping your recording finger out of the shot.

Sometimes it can be helpful to have a holder or tripod for the phone, or a family member or friend that can record you.

One approach is to sit fairly still like you might in a typical interview or conversation, keep the camera steady, maintain the same background, and stay a constant distance from the camera throughout creation of the Eternaview.  That said, it’s also perfectly fine to have fun with it and move the camera around in order to conduct the interview across a range of locations. For instance, questions such as “Can you play piano?” and “What do you like to cook?” and “Do you know how to dance?” may be a great opportunity to record your skills. Then, when a viewer asks a similar question, the video of you performing the activity will play back.

We don’t set out specific limits for your individual recorded answers, but we note that there will be limitations on what your browser and device can store (your answer is stored in your browser until you review and submit it). We would generally recommend you keep your answers to 2 minutes or less for both these technical reasons and so you don’t lose your audience when they come and interact with your recordings. For these same reasons, in no case should you record an answer longer than five minutes.

The cumulative length of all your answers cannot exceed the plan maximum of six hours, but we think that will provide far more than enough time for virtually all users. In the off-chance that it appears you may approach the maximum while recording, you will be given notice so that you can adjust your pacing.

It’s up to you – whatever you are comfortable in, captures your personality, and reflects how you want to be remembered for posterity.  We would recommend, though, that you not wear stripes, polka dots, or certain other patterns, as they can create some visual distortions. 

If you would like additional hints, please see our blog titled “How to Optimize Your Video Recording.”

Yes, you can re-record your answer to a question immediately, can go back to it later during the same recording session, or go back and re-record it at a later date.

When you initially record each answer, there is no practical limit to the number of times you can re-record each answer before submitting it (at which point it’s uploaded to the cloud). As  laid out in the plans, you will be permitted a finite number of edits (although still many) annually whereby you can re-record earlier answers or answer for the first time questions you initially skipped. Each time your subscription renews, you will receive a fresh allotment of edit allowances. You can also renew your subscription early if you need them immediately.

That depends on the type you are creating, whether you are a person of few or many words, and what modules and questions are relevant to you. Even if you answer the vast majority of the questions, it can be done in a few sittings over a day or two.

You can take a break any time. All of your recording up to that spot will be saved and you can return later right to where you left off (as long as your subscription is still current – i.e. that you didn’t take a break for a year). You may want to create your Eternaview over multiple sittings – this is everything about you – and we think it’s worth the investment of your time!

Just log in, go to My Eternaviews (in either the My Collections or Profile tab) and click on the in-progress Eternaview to resume.

Yes, you will be given another chance once you get through all the modules and questions. You will also be able to go back at a later date. Please note that a subscription includes a certain number of edits, but it’s plenty for most people and you will also be granted additional allowances every year.

In most cases, an Eternaview will cease to function or be visible to viewers if you let your subscription lapse. If you want the Eternaview permanently deleted (either before or after a subscription lapses), please email support@eternaview.com and request that you want it permanently deleted.

Yes, but recognize that there are limits to what the technology can handle. For instance, the viewer cannot just talk specifically to one of multiple creators on the same Eternaview; if a couple creates an Eternaview together and then a viewer asks a question specifically to one of the two creators, the AI will not be able to play just that creator’s answer and leave the other creators’ answer out.

Invites/ Interaction/ Viewing

You have the option to mark your Eternaview “public” in order for it to be visible on eternaview.com for anyone to see it, but we believe most viewers will mark it “private” and intend for it to only be seen by family and friends they invite or share a link with in order to view it. You can also change between the “public” and “private” options at any time. Please note that we are still testing the “public”/”private” feature, and even if you select “public” we may choose that it remain “private” (based on video quality, content, space on the site, or a range of other reasons).

Yes, when choosing the “private” option you can send invites or share links right after you create the Eternaview and/or at a later date.

You can, of course, watch all public ones.  If you have a family member or friend who created an Eternaview (public or private), they may have sent you an invitation via email (from noreply@eternaview.com) or they may have shared a link with you directly via email or text message.

Not currently – they would work for whoever they are forwarded to. However, in the future we plan to allow the creator to set permissions so that they would only work for people on their invite/restricted list.

There is no charge to a viewer for interacting with an Eternaview. Rather, the costs are covered by the creator’s annual subscription (which permits thousands of queries to be asked of their Eternaview per year). 

Depending on the device, please check that you have a working microphone plugged in and that you have allowed the site to access your microphone.

When viewing the video, you can click on the “Topics” button to see the questions that were asked and answered. You can also just ask whatever you want and see what type of response you get… that’s definitely more fun!

No. The AI works better if you do not.

For viewers that were logged in while viewing the Eternaview (which may be required in order to view certain Eternaviews), it will depend on how the viewer sets their privacy settings. For viewers that were not logged in, the answer should generally be no. Note that some of this functionality is still being tested, and we cannot guarantee anonymity at the current time.

For privacy of the viewer, the specific questions that any viewer asked will not be ascribed to that viewer. There may, in certain circumstances in the future, be anonymous consolidated questions shown from a whole group of viewers.

No (although, of course, you could have a family member or friend sit by your side while you interact with your Practice Eternaview). We do not enable sharing of Practice Eternaviews because they are just designed to allow the creator to practice recording and interaction, make sure their equipment is working properly, etc.  Because a Practice Eternaview involves a small number of recorded answers, it is not intended for viewers to ask wide-ranging questions.

Plan and Account Options

In order to see how Eternaview works, you can do a free Practice recording of yourself answering a handful of sample questions and then interact with them yourself. However, it does require a purchase  in order to create a full-length interview.


The cost varies by Eternaview and the list of plans can be seen by clicking on “Pricing” in the footer section of the website.

The one-time upfront charge is designed to cover various costs including – mainly with respect to video – the upfront processing that will enhance the quality of the experience when viewers later come to interact with your Eternaview. We optimize your Eternaview for multiple variables, including that it should work well on most types of device/screens and varying internet speeds. 

We have significant ongoing costs relating to, among other things, storage, streaming, and AI-related costs. The usage allowances under any plan, which relate to # of edits that a creator can make and # of questions viewers can ask an Eternaview, will reset every year with the annual subscription (usage allowances can also be reset by renewing early).

We also know that creators will often want their Eternaviews to be accessible for a very long time – sometimes forever. We believe that charging an ongoing subscription payment helps to provide us the necessary resources that might need to be available to maintain your Eternaview longer term. In addition, in the future we will likely want to add additional bells and whistles in terms of how viewers can interact with your Eternaview, but we wouldn’t necessarily be able to offer those future options without an ongoing subscription cost.

If you pass away, your subscription can be renewed indefinitely by:

  • A Designated Potential Trustee (you will be prompted to provide one after you create your Eternaview), or
  • Anyone you add to your invite list, or 
  • Immediate or extended family members/descendants.

Keep in mind that there is no charge for creators to download their Eternaview onto local devices. Downloads will not be AI-enabled for interactivity but can be played back like any other video.

Each Eternaview – meaning essentially one interview where you answer any or all of the couple hundred template questions we provide – requires its own upfront payment and subscription.

Additional Information

You, the creator, need to give an accurate account of your feelings and life. But we would recommend that you’re mindful to not be overly negative or vent needlessly. Your Eternaview is also probably not the place for negative bombshells, particularly as it’s always possible that someone you don’t intend to see your video does in fact eventually see it. It’s ultimately up to you, though, as to what you include..

That said, Eternaview does not permit creators to engage in the following in their recordings:

  • Bullying;
  • Violence;
  • Nudity or sexual acts;
  • Hate speech or derogatory language based on race, gender identity or orientation, or religion;
  • Any action that may violate laws governing Eternaview’s or the user’s actions.

Eternaview may further restrict or require changes to any recording for whatever reason it sees fit. Eternaview may also waive restrictions for educational, documentary, scientific, artistic reasons, where it may be in the public interest to do so, or in other cases where, in its sole discretion it sees fit to do so. 

While it is our goal to be around for the long-term, we take our responsibility to you very seriously and have to acknowledge that neither our nor virtually any business can assure how long they will be around. Included with your subscription, we also provide you the ability to download your Eternaview on your local drive [the AI-enabled interactivity will not work in that locally-stored version, but at least you will have an individual video copy of each of your answers for safe-keeping and which you should be able to play like any traditional video]. Were our company ever to be acquired, we would also hope to work with any acquirer towards a seamless transition for the continued storage and/or usage of your Eternaview.

You may contact Support through the website or email to support@eternaview.com. We will do our best to answer any inquiries in a timely way. You can also check out our Blog and demos for additional tips and answers.

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