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How to optimize your video recording

In this article we do a deep dive on how to achieve the best looking and sounding Eternaview possible. We cover things like devices, resolution, audio, camera position, lighting, background, clothing and makeup. This is a great article to refer back to when you need advice on creating your perfect Eternaview.


  • If you are using a laptop, a webcam is probably internal/built-in, while for a desktop it could be either an add-on webcam or possibly already internal/built in. If you are really ambitious, depending on whether you have an external or internal webcam, you may already have software installed or be able to download an external app that allows you to adjust some of your webcam settings (brightness, contrast, saturation, etc.). But this is not necessary for most users.
  • If you are using a high-end mobile phone or high-end tablet like an iPAD, you should be able to get a high-quality recording with their built-in cameras. If you have someone helping you record your Eternaview, they can record you using the rear-facing camera. If you are doing it on your own, the front-facing camera should be fine.
  • If your device has 1080p resolution or higher, your Eternaview recording will generally be up to 1080p (iPAD may be limited to 720p due to the longer video processing times for iPAD).
  • Most high-end mobile phone and tablet cameras offer at least 1080p – you can check your device to be sure. If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, your external or built-in webcam may or may not be 1080p. If it’s 1080p – great! Even if it’s 720p, that’s HD as well and may allow you to have a very nice-looking recording if it’s a decent webcam and you use proper lighting. Be sure to create a Practice Eternaview first to test out how things look.


  • The microphone built into your phone should probably be sufficient for the recording. The one built into other devices, like a Windows desktop external webcam, may or may not be sufficient. In such cases, you can use an external microphone.

  • Try to choose a location where there won’t be a lot of background noise such as people talking or loud machines etc. Essentially you will want to have as quiet of a surrounding as you can so your loved ones can hear you clearly.

Framing and Backgrounds

  • You want viewers of your recording to feel that they are interacting with you directly.  So, if using a PC, mobile phone, or tablet to record, look directly at the device when recording your answers.

  • If using a desktop computer (or other device without a built-in camera or webcam), be sure to position your webcam relative to the monitor in a way that it appears you are looking towards the webcam when addressing the question.

  • Generally you want the camera or webcam at or slightly above your eye level. Definitely below your hairline. You don’t want the camera or webcam pointing up at you. You can use a tripod for a mobile phone or anything handy to raise up your other devices to get them to the proper level.

  • Frame yourself from the waist or torso up.

  • Have a nice, uncluttered background. If you have a plain wall or an uncluttered background in a familiar setting (a cozy part of the living room where your grandkids will remember so many loving days with you), that’s great. For proper depth, don’t be right against your background. 


  • Try to use consistent lighting over the course of the interview, so that all your answers look somewhat consistent.

  • You need a good-lighting source. Avoid low lighting or backlighting, whether that be from a natural source (a window behind you) or artificial source (light fixtures behind you). You want to light from the front. Light through a window can sometimes work, if it’s not too direct, but if it’s going to be a long interview and the outdoor lighting is going to change over the course of the interview, an artificial source is best. It’s best if that light is soft – a ring light or paper lantern is always a great option – but other artificial sources, such as a lamp with a shade, are also fine as long as the light is not bright and not direct. LED lights probably work best. Incandescent may work but avoid fluorescent lights. The artificial light source is best placed above the recording device and in between the recording device and you.

What and what not to wear

  • As for what colors to wear, it will vary somewhat by the conditions but you may want to be careful with hot colors like hot pink, green, yellow and orange; some shades will work, others won’t. You may also want to avoid all black or all white. Grey, blue, or light pastels can be good. Just experiment with colors during a Practice Eternaview and if you like how it looks, you should be fine. The most important things to avoid wearing are stripes, polka dots, plaid, and other patterns that could create distortions or other unpleasant effects in the image. Solid colors probably work best.
  • Avoid frilly collars or silky clothes.
  • If you need glasses or if you wouldn’t look like you without them, then by all means wear them. But if you can wear contacts that can help with the glare that sometimes comes with wearing glasses.
  • Avoid flashy jewelry.
  • Wear something comfortable enough that it won’t make you fidgety or sweaty during the interview but which you also wouldn’t be ashamed to wear forever.
  • If you would normally wear some makeup, that’s fine. But don’t overdo it and if you don’t normally wear makeup, just skip it.

Try to be as consistent as possible

When creating your Eternaview over multiple recording days try to be as consistent as possible so that your finished Eternaview looks and sounds cohesive. Try to wear the same clothing on each day you record, as well as striving to keep the lighting you used consistent as well. Same thing for your background and framing, try to keep it the same every time you answer a question, unless you are showing off your talents in another location.

Still have questions?

If you still have some questions, please see our FAQ, other blog posts, or shoot us an email at support@eternaview.com

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