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Creating a personal connection with Eternaview

In this article we talk about all the benefits of creating an Eternaview. We also go over some approaches to help you tell your story in the most engaging way possible so that generations to come will be able to interact with you and really get a sense of you as a whole person.

Why create an Eternaview?

There is no substitute for human-to-human interaction. Unfortunately, until humankind figures out how to download a human’s consciousness – a feat which may never be achievable and is, at best, generations away – we have to look for other ways to preserve the essence of a person.  We believe that our  Eternaview product is a great way for you to capture your story for posterity… for your friends, children, grandchildren, and the many generations that follow to enjoy and be reminded of your life, love, and legacy.

There are, of course, other more traditional ways to record memories. But we believe that the ability for a viewer to speak questions to any Eternaview video, and receive spoken answers, creates a much more immersive and personalized experience than just looking at standard videos or photos. And many of us do not have videos or photos or diaries that capture all the beats of our lives or that we can easily make accessible for friends and family to view in the future.

There are many reasons to create an Eternaview besides the fact that we can’t live forever (at least not yet!). Creating an Eteranview can be a rewarding process for you and the family members or friends that might assist with the recording. It also can be both enlightening and a great deal of fun for family and friends to interact with the Eternaview even while you’re alive and kicking! We’re guessing that you might even have a little fun interacting with your own Eternaview.

We hope that you and all of our creators live long, healthy lives. In fact, we expect that many of our creators will also be quite young. The life stories of younger creators may be far from fully written, but capturing creators at any stage of life can provide a cherished time capsule of the way they looked, spoke, and thought at various stages of their life.

For some famous or otherwise noteworthy creators, an Eternaview may also be the most practical way for viewers to interact with the creator, even while the creator is living.

Show 'em who you are!

One approach for recording your Eternaview is to sit fairly still like you might in a typical interview or conversation, keep the camera steady, maintain the same background, and stay a constant distance from the camera throughout creation of your Eternaview.  That said, it’s also perfectly fine to have fun with it and move the camera around in order to conduct the interview across a range of locations. For instance, questions such as “Can you play the piano?” and “What do you like to cook?” and “Do you know how to dance?” may be a great opportunity to record your skills. Then, when a viewer asks a similar question, the video of you performing the activity will play back.

Still have questions?

If you still have some questions, please see our FAQ, other blog posts, or shoot us an email at support@eternaview.com

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